General Application for Full or Part-Time


Adventure/Recreation Specialist


  • Must have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Camp/Recreation, Sports Management, Youth Ministry or a related field preferred, but not required.
  • Appropriate credentials for oversight of recreation areas such as lifeguard or pool operators certificates, ACCT training, Commercial Drivers License, boat safety credentials, etc. 
    • Not all must be held or current, but candidates will be able to show a history of certifications and ability to renew or acquire needed certifications.
  • Must have AED, First Aid and CPR (infant, child, and adult) certifications.
  • Must also have a current valid driver’s license.
Key Accountability:
  • Serve on the team that creates and executes summer camps, year-round retreats and conferences for all ages, but particularly children and youth, that accomplish the mission of Carolina Creek.
  • Lead activities with a priority on the physical, emotional and spiritual health of all participants.
  • Lead activities intentionally, as an experience that can accomplish stated objectives such as problem solving, communication, team building, self-discovery, leadership development, and spiritual growth using metaphor and life application of truths learned.
  • Maintain the facilities used for recreation and adventure activities including, but not limited to, pools, waterfronts, the cable park, ropes courses, teams courses, athletic fields, pavilions, courts, trails, etc. in accordance with good stewardship practices and the requirements of licensing agencies and third-party providers of best practices for safety and operations.
  • Maintain the equipment used for recreation and adventure activities including but limited to pool and waterfront equipment, life jackets, canoes and kayaks, water toys, harnesses, helmets, blobs, balls, goals, batting cages, gaga pits, bouldering wall and general rec equipment in accordance with good stewardship practices, keeping logs and other documentation where necessary to comply with third-party inspection requirements.
  • Participate in executing all aspects of events offered to guests, including but not limited to living-in with campers, team leading and facilitating the camp experience as needed.
  • Manage resources entrusted to him/her according to budget. Work collaboratively to achieve corporate financial goals.
  • Participate as assigned in the hiring, training and supervision of summer staff. Actively engage and help build the summer staff community through a godly attitude, words, and actions.
  • Attend all required staff meetings and events.
  • Share in the responsibilities of keeping camp areas and equipment clean, including cleaning facilities after groups leave and preparing for the arrival of groups.
  • Actively participate in, and contribute to, the broader camp programs of CCCC.
  • Other duties that support the mission of CCCC including but not limited to serving in the kitchen, washing vehicles, participating in work projects with volunteers or work crews doing landscaping, power-washing, painting, etc. Generally being available to do whatever is needed with a joyful heart as unto the Lord.
Work Experience:
  • Experience working in camping or a recreation related field such as coaching or community parks/rec management.
  • Prior experience using adventure/recreation to accomplish objectives including evangelism and discipleship for all ages.
  • Experience in customer service or hospitality roles.
  • Experience leading or facilitating aquatic, adventure or recreational experiences.
  • Some experience managing others, at least seasonally, preferred.
Skills and Abilities:
  • Collaborative approach to work with success working on teams.
  • Ability to present the gospel through conversation.
  • Must have Biblical knowledge that allows for handling varied situations from a Biblical perspective, answering doctrinal questions, and using adventure/recreation activities to convey spiritual truths.
  • Must possess leadership skills and emotional and spiritual maturity.
  • Must be flexible with an ability to adjust and problem solve in challenging situations
  • Specific skills related to adventure, recreation and aquatic activities as demonstrated by current or prior credentials. Ability to renew those necessary to accomplish the goals of the department.
Physical Demands:
  • The physical environment requires the employee to work both inside and outside in hot and humid conditions.
  • Requires sitting, standing, squatting, stooping, twisting, hiking long distances on varied terrain, shouting, ability to lift/carry anywhere from 15 to over 60 lbs., and engage in general physical play with children, youth and young adults.
  • The position requires the ability to drive a vehicle with passengers and the ability to engage in active recreation such as swimming and biking.
Additional Requirements:
  • Adherence to company dress code and professional standards for personal grooming and appearance.
  • Satisfactory completion of background investigation, as well as ability to provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States.