Child Protection Training Test

True or False: Sexual abuse can occur without touching.(Required)
True or False: Abuse and neglect may negatively affect a child's emotional and social development.(Required)
True or False: Exposing a child to pornographic material is not considered abusive.(Required)
True or False: Not only forced activity, but persuasion can be considered abusive.(Required)
True or False: Victims of child abuse often suffer from fear, guilt and anger.(Required)
True or False: Child is defined as anyone unmarried under the age of 16.(Required)
True or False: Sexual abuse may negatively affect a child for their entire life.(Required)
Situational offenders are:(Required)
Molesters and child abusers are usually:(Required)
Molesters can "groom" a child by:(Required)
A molester tries to ensure secrecy by:(Required)
An offender often:(Required)
Statistics indicate most molesters are:(Required)
Which of the following behaviors is not a sign of possible abuse?(Required)
Identify which action "does not" indicate a form of sexual abuse?(Required)
You are the sponsor for a child that tells you that she has been forced to watch pornographic movies by an adult. Should you report this?(Required)
When reporting sexual abuse, you must report incidents even if you cannot confirm the report of abuse is true.(Required)
Which of the following would not be considered a warning sign of a potential abuser?(Required)
When abuse is strongly suspected, a camp counselor should:(Required)
Which example is not an example of camper's privacy?(Required)
Which location is most appropriate to meet a camper for counseling?(Required)
When reporting sexual abuse at camp, what is your responsibility?(Required)
Which are innapropriate behaviors?(Required)
Close supervision by adults during all swim activities is(Required)
What is the purpose of this training?(Required)