Work at Carolina Creek

Serving on Summer Staff at Carolina Creek could just be the best decision you’ll ever make. Whether you have a professional interest in camp ministry, children’s or youth ministry, adventure/recreation, or video/photography, or you just want to work hard, play hard, be stretched, love on kids and be part of a missional, close-knit community of Christ-followers, you are meant to be here.
All Carolina Creek Summer Staff star one mission, to help our campers know and experience the love of Jesus Christ. As you love on campers, we’ll love on you. You will be known and valued in this community and enjoy regular times of worship, teaching, prayer, being encouraged and challenged in you own faith journey and building life-long friendships.



Staff Training

Specialty Training:

May 15 – June 22

All Staff Training:

May 22 – June 3


Term 1:

June 3 – July 7

Term 2:

July 8 – August 11


Term 1: 

June 3 – July 7

Term 2: 

July 8 – August 11

The W!ld

Term 1:

June 3 – June 30

Term 2: 

July 1 – July 28

Term 3: 

July 29 – August 11



You get paid.

Yep- your amazing summer at Carolina Creek includes sharing Jesus with campers, making friendships that will last a lifetime, and consuming ridiculously delicious homemade chicken tenders.  BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!  You’re also getting paid! Check out the job description for your position to learn more about compensation.

Food? Check. Housing? Yep.

All meals during camp are provided, and are crazy tasty. (Meals on your time off are provided by you.) Housing is also provided. Some positions live in with campers, others live in staff cabins with enclosed bathroom facilities. All housing units are air-conditioned and have bunk beds. You provide awesome bedding or a sleeping bag of your choice.

You get off time.

Yes! There is time off!  Carolina Creek staff usually have off each weekend from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon (24 hours-ish).  You can head into town with friends to run errands, practice your laundry skills, eat non-camp food, and enjoy the greater Huntsville metropolis.  BUT WAIT!  THERE’S MORE!  You will also have daily on-camp time off…a break for personal devotion, errands,  phone calls or email, relaxation, snacking, napping or otherwise needed personal time.

We’ve got your family covered.

Got siblings? We’d love them to come to camp! They can share embarrassing stories about your childhood, and get a 50% discount on tuition. That’s right…HALF OFF. (Contact our Registrar for availability.)


Noun.  A group of people living in the same place.   Nope.  That’s not us.

Noun.  A feeling of fellowship with others who share common attitudes and goals.   Closer, but  still not right.

We are so much more than a “group” or a “feeling”…we are a family.  More than “living in the same place”…we are EXPERIENCING GOD.  Together.  We individually give ourselves, our time, our talents to the Lord, and He weaves all of us together like we’ve never been apart.  We serve, worship, and grow.  Together.  It’s bigger than a noun, verb, adverb…it’s something only God can do. You can’t put it into words, but you want to be a part of it.

Experience Skill Development

Whatever your field of study, your experience at Carolina Creek will stretch and prepare you in ways you can’t even imagine. The combination of camp ministry and people: every day, every moment, is unique. It is on-the-job training unlike any other in communication, decision making, leadership, problem solving, interpersonal relationships, and developing a rock-you-face-off work ethic. Through spiritual growth, character development, and staff synergy, we want to help prepare you for whatever God is calling you to next.


Looking for an Internship?

Homemade chicken tenders AND fulfilling a required internship for college? Oh, yes! That can happen. Carolina Creek will be glad to work with your college/university to meet the requirements for your internship credit.